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Welcome to Vienna

Welcome to the CITI-SENSE Project

Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna is located in the north-eastern part of Austria, at the easternmost extension of the Alps in the so-called Vienna Basin. Due to its particular location there is often a constant wind going typically coming from Southeast or Northwest. The earliest settlement, at the location of today's inner city, was south of the meandering Danube while the city now spans both sides of the river with an elevation ranging from 151 to 524 m.

Vienna lies within a transition of oceanic climate and humid continental climate according to the Köppen classification (or between panonic and alpine climate). The city has warm summers with average high temperatures of 22 to 26 °C , with maxima exceeding 30 °C and lows of around 15 °C. Winters are relatively cold with average temperatures at about freezing point, and snowfall occurring mainly from December through March. Spring and autumn are cool to mild. Precipitation is generally moderate throughout the year, averaging 620 mm annually, with considerable local variations, the Vienna Woods region in the west being the wettest part (700 to 800 mm annually) and the flat plains in the east being the driest part (500 to 550 mm annually).

Vienna with its alltime high ranking in the worlds Quality of Life ranking (MERCER Study 2014) is certainly  taking air quality for its population as an important quality asset into account.

Within Vienna there exists an permanent monitoring system consisting from 8 stations which measure a wide variety of air quality and meteorological variables. The data and resulting Values are presented on a hourly base but can be traced back for the last ten years. With this approach Vienna sets a very high standard of monitoring and reporting air quality as a service to its citizens.


CITI-SENSE is a European funded project where Citizens should be encouraged to be part of the monitoring and data collection process. The project aims at the overall goal to empower citizens to be part of monitoring the environmental conditions and  making use of new available innovative techniques.

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