The Project

The CITI-SENSE Project in Vienna

The city of Vienna is part of the European project CITI-SENSE, which is coordinated in Vienna by the private weather service UBIMET .  CITI-SENSE builds on the concept of Citizens’ Observatories to empower citizens to contribute to environmental governance, and enable them to support community-based decision-making. CITI-SENSE will develop, test, demonstrate and validate a community-based environmental monitoring and information system using low-cost sensors and novel Earth Observation applications.

Here in Vienna the aim is to devlope a collaberation with the Vienna adminstrative Air monitoring system. Collecting data at places which are not equiped with monitoring stations helps to get a better idea of the overall situation. 

What is going to happen in Vienna?

Citizens will be selected from autumn 2014 to become part of the CITI-SENSE Vienna campaign. It is planned that, after a calibration period, about twenty people are using mobile sensors during their daily movement through the city (Walking, Biking, Skating....) In this way data can be collected at locations and routes which have been never monitored before. Additionally 40 stationary air monitoring sensors are installed all over the city.

All this data will be collected here in Vienna and used for better spatial representation of the air monitoring situation in Vienna. In this way not only citizens can have a better overview about air quality. In the long run mobile applications can help to determine the best route for example during your daily bike ride, to avoid higher concentrations of  particulates.

Such low costs sensors and innovative approaches are used in several other citys all over Europe.  Here in Vienna Sensors have been developed by Partners from JSI Institute in Slovenia. They work in combination with a smartphone app and the data can be collected stored and transmitted via Wlan connectivity.

First calibration test seem promising and the preparations for the first CITI-SENSE sampling campaign in VIenna are in preparation.


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